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Jon and Gwen Jennings

Jon and Gwen Jennings were elected Senior Pastors at Fountain of Life in January 2010, after serving seven years at FLI as Associate Pastors.

Jon Jennings

“The highlight of my week is being out in the lobby after church on Sunday, just walking through the crowd and connecting with people relationally.”

Clearly, connect is more than a slogan for Jon Jennings. An ordained minister since 1991, he says that beyond preaching, pastoring is about loving people and helping them find their destiny in Christ and their purpose in life. Jon’s Spirit-filled ministry has taken him across the United States and to local churches, Bible colleges and conferences in five nations. His passion is to develop next-generation leaders. “Next Gen isn’t as much an age thing as a new breed of leadership that God will raise up to carry the kingdom from here on out,” he emphasizes.

Speaking of raising leaders, Jon says, “Gwen and I had four children in the first six years of our marriage. It was full-court press 24 hours a day!” The adoption of their youngest child, Charity, from Ethiopia in 2006 brought his favorite scripture, Proverbs 3:5-6, to life. “The Lord promised to show us His heart through the process – we had to lean completely on Him. Charity has brought completion to our home.”

Whether he’s connecting at home or church, for Jon Jennings the mission of the house never wavers. “Jesus told us what to do: Teach all nations, make disciples, baptize them, teach them to observe the things I’ve commanded you. Until we’ve fulfilled the Great Commission, how can we move beyond that?”

Gwen Jennings

Like her husband, Gwen Jennings believes that relationships are vital to FLI’s success, and the couple’s strong partnership is at the heart of their ministry. “We pastor together,” Gwen says. “We greatly value our individual giftedness, and that’s what makes us a pretty dynamic team.”

Just 8 years old when she was saved, Gwen had vocal training from ages 11 to 19. “I always felt that my calling would have been in the music area of church life,” she says, noting that she toured professionally with the Continental Singers. Although she still worships with her powerful voice on special occasions, God had other plans for Gwen.

Her ministry style is both heartfelt and hands on. Gwen, who served as the Children’s Pastor at FLI for four years, says “As a mom of five, the spiritual development of our children is in the forefront of my ministry focus.” Her other passion is walking women through the process of emotional healing, bringing them to restoration and freedom with the help of the Holy Spirit.

“We want a church of people who have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ – who have healthy marriages, healthy families. We want FLI to be a family based community where we grow and experience life together – all cultures, all ages are represented…everyone is working on their walk with God.”

You may contact Pastor Jon or Gwen at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.